As much as I love fashion and its trends, I am that Fashionista that likes to stick to the classics due to the fact that I am “short.”  However, I don’t let this minor thing trump my style choices. When it comes to trying new styles, I have to do some extensive research before I make any purchase. This research includes countless hours of perusing through too many articles that talk about what trends “short” girls should avoid. In one of these articles, we are cautioned from wearing tunic dresses.

You can imagine my dismay when I fell in love with Kimora Lee Simmons’ resort 2017 collection that featured, that’s right you guessed it—tunic dresses. Her collection featured unique, chic and classic styles with a hint of something new. With the use of distinct patterns such as animal and metallic prints, Kimora Lee Simmons truly transformed an everyday look into something much more. As Vogue writer, Maya Singer explained, there was an emphasis in the feelings of spontaneity and fluidity seen in Lee Simmons’ collection.

Now that I was inspired, here was my dilemma; where would I even begin to look for a tunic dress? I obviously had none in my closet. Knowing that I had a certain style in mind on a budget, I went to the only place I know with clothing selections galore, my neighborhood Marshalls. In times of need, Marshalls has always had my back when it comes to finding a unique piece for a great price. Also, this was my first time buying a tunic dress so I did not want to pay an arm and a leg for something I may not end up liking.

As expected, I was not in love with how it looked on me. Reading all those articles had psyched me out into thinking it was bound to be some kind of fashion faux pas. But in all honesty, it resembled a burlap sack because it was too long for my legs. Determined to not give up, I used some of my tricks that are featured in this look. My two favorite tricks are the use of belts and heels. These two are not only my favorite tricks, but my essentials in styling. Like I said before, the dress was too long so the best way to fix this was to elongate my legs and to shorten the dress. With no time to deal with a tailor or wait to grow six inches, my trusty tricks were implemented. To finish off the look, I added some gold accessories and a cross-body bag. Although my take on Kimora Lee Simmons collection does not feature her prints or patterns, I was inspired to try something new. With this being said, I advise you to do the same and try any style your heart desires.

Get My Look: 1.Tunic dress. 2.Booties 3.Cross-body bag.