STYLE GURU STYLE: A Touch of Leather

Gone are the days where leather was only acceptable in the fall and winter. Leather is now a year-round staple in people’s wardrobes, and its exposure can range from small patches on shirts to full leather pants. Although few people are willing to rock leather pants when it feels like 100 degrees outside, there are ways to incorporate the material into outfits without feeling overheated. One method is to pair a leather jacket or vest with a skirt or dress. Coach’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection does a great job of incorporating this trend into its looks, and has served as inspiration for my own personal style.

Look three is one of my favorites in the collection because of its unique integration of leather. Both the vest and skirt are leather, but are balanced out by the white layer underneath. This look could be perfect for an evening out with friends.

Look 34 is another source of inspiration because I love the mix of edginess from the jacket and playfulness from the colorful shirt underneath. I chose to create a similar look by pairing a more flouncy and feminine skirt with a sharp leather jacket. The airy skirt is the perfect match for the jacket so that I’m not too warm. The light purple color also brightens up the outfit in order to still incorporate summertime elements. In going for a more casual look, I chose to wear sneakers, but I would definitely add a pair of heels to dress it up for nighttime. Although leather may seem daunting and impractical in the summer, there are ways to make it work, so definitely try and play with different looks. You’ll be surprised by how easy it really is.

Get My Look: 1. Start with a flouncy skirt or dress. 2. Pair it with a leather jacket or vest. 3. Add a pop of color to intensify the summertime feel.