STYLE GURU STYLE: A Summer of the Saint

When scouring the Internet for fashion tips and trends, it’s always inevitable that my searching will lead me to a designers website, then to a video of the runway show of another designer, then to an article about a different designer’s newest collection and so on. The other day, my hunting led me to a recap video of the Saint Laurent spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. I remember this collection being one of my favorites during fashion week. Ever since this line was released, I’ve been incredibly inspired by the beige trench coats and leather and denim jackets thrown over the dresses, and the bomber jackets and blazers over the skirts. There’s just something about the camouflage army jacket atop a sparkly gold mini dress complete with a crown on messy, wavy hair that speaks to my feminist soul. It’s as if these outfits themselves confidently proclaim to any woman wearing them, “You got this!”

Here, I started with one of my favorite graphic animal T-shirts. Mine features a gentle elephant, a few daisies and a little Aztec print design, but I would definitely suggest spicing it up with a fierce animal for a more hardcore statement piece of the outfit. I’ve always loved a good gladiator sandal. I purchased these specific ones several years ago, but because they are currently so trendy, there are so many beautiful pairs out there to choose from. If you know me, you know I also love a good cross-body bag, especially if you can rock a brightly colored one to add the perfect pop of color to any neutral based outfit.

Another must-have staple item is a simple plain black skirt and the reason for this being because it can be mixed and matched a million times over. Finding a few pieces that can effortlessly be absorbed into your wardrobe and worn many times without being recognized is a precious piece of clothing in the eyes of any Fashionista. If it’s as hot where you are as it is where I am, you probably can’t even fathom the thoughts of topping your outfit off with a jacket in this summer heat. But I always find myself a little chilly around the office during my work days, so I try to remember to grab some kind of lightweight coat on my way out the door. Saint Laurent proved with this collection that a light jacket still makes for a fabulous accessory even in the warmer weather.

Therefore, Fashionistas, go forth and be inspired by the slip dresses, silk, fur, patchwork denim, sequins, grunge and glitter even in the midst of the warm sunshine. Well done, Saint Laurent. Well done.

Get My Look: 1. A graphic animal T-shirt. 2. A simple black skirt. 3. Light jacket.