STYLE GURU STYLE: A Rainy Day in The Neighborhood

It’s a rainy day in the neighborhoods of NYC and comfort is what the fashion gods are screaming. Being trapped inside all day long and filling defeated because of the bipolar NYC weather is not the way I foresaw myself spending my summer vacation. So, in a typical teenage fashion, I resorted to the internet. Obviously. rag & bone has always been one of the those brands that you wish you can afford and try to find dopes of it within your wardrobe. Well, this is true for me at least. The rag & bone resort 2016 collection is filled with coats, knits and basics that scream an urban look to comfort. The collection appeals to me the most mainly because there is a lack of color, an aesthetic appeal that my mother would definitely hate. The color palette is limited to black, gray, white and a few pops of color here and there.

After YouTube and Tumblr failed to entertain me on a rainy summer day for so long, I played with the items in my wardrobe and translated what was worth a million dollar look into an affordable look for the everyday fashionable teen. I translated rag & bone resort 2016 collection into my own personal style by taking the basics of this comfort, a bland color palette with a pop of green and of course, my favorite, comfort. Considering that NYC’s weather is as hormonal as it is, the combination of denim shorts and a sweatshirt is perfect for a day out. In case my luck with the weather does in fact change for the better, a black hat will shield you from the sun. Adhere to the weather and don’t let a little rain, rain on your fabulous fashionable parade.

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted denim shorts. 2. Forest green oversized sweater. 3. Black floppy hat.