June 17th, 2016 at 2:10am

Can we all agree pizza is hands down the greatest invention in the world? Personally, the second greatest thing is unconditional comfortable clothing, especially during long lectures. For today’s look I was able to retrieve some inspiration from the Balenciaga pre-fall 2016 collection. Let’s be real—most of my style inspiration lately has been coming from those late night visits to the Vogue website.

The main outlook I perceived from this collection was that over-sized tops paired with pants are in (and my all time favorite fashion combination). Though the majority of outfits utilized dress pants, I thought that would be slightly overstepping the casualness of college classes. So instead, I swapped the dress pants with my favorite DIY ripped leggings. As opposed to plain black leggings, I love the edgy flair this pair can turn any outfit. I can’t be the only one that admits to rocking over-sized pajama T-shirts into the streets, right?
Not only is pizza absolute “bae,” but pajama shirts from Old Navy are incredibly comfortable and cute! Something else I noticed with this collection is that it consisted of many monochromatic color schemes. So to keep the inspiration and look balanced, I decided to go with some classic grey Converse, which also provide that maximum comfort level when running to and from lecture halls. Hats are in! Each outfit I saw was paired with a matching hat, and while unfortunately I don’t have as stylish of a hat as they used, this black snapback still does the trick. Up until recently, I was afraid to pull off such an accessory, but after being brave enough to finally try it, I’m obsessed. It’s easy, quick, stylish and who doesn’t love an excuse to not have to fix their hair in the morning? Now that my outfit is in check, I can’t forget to fling my favorite mini backpack over my shoulder and grab my laptop. Off to class to nap, I mean learn! But with this amount of comfort, who know’s which will really happen.
Get My Look: 1.Black snapback. 2. Ripped leggings. 3. Over-sized pizza shirt.