STYLE GURU STYLE: A Monochromatic Moment

I have always been quite hesitant to wear anything white, especially white pants, but runway show after runway show I started to see a common trend: monochromatic done with all white. I was inspired by the all white looks, but more specifically the Balenciaga spring 2016 ready-to-wear show. This show strictly consisted of the monochromatic look when others only incorporated a few. The fact that each look was completely different while still playing off the same color was amazing to me. It was so simple and sophisticated yet so intriguing.

At this point I needed to get myself some white pants. Actually, I ended up getting two pairs of white pants (like I’ve said before I have no self control). Here I am wearing culottes I purchased from Old Navy. These are the perfect pair of structured pants, and they fit like a glove! As for the top, I decided to pair my culottes with a white, lace, sleeveless button-down from Forever 21. The lace brings a hint of texture, adding visual detail to the outfit. When putting together monochromatic looks, I found that adding texture from the use different fabrics helps prevent the outfit from looking one dimensional.

Accessories also keep monochromatic looks from looking flat. For shoes I chose these chestnut heeled sandals from Target, since I knew I was going to be walking around all day and needed to stay comfortable. I always come across the dilemma of comfort and being stylish, and these shoes are a perfect combination of both! Pairing white with brown leather is my absolute favorite, especially for a spring/summer daytime look; this is also why I chose this Ralph Lauren handbag from Macy’s.

Lastly and most importantly: my straw hat, also known as my third piece. If any of you are wondering what I mean by a third piece and why it is so special, it’s what takes an outfit from good to great. I initially heard of this rule in an article by WhoWhatWear. While it is something that I often did, it’s not something I truly thought about as being a “rule.” According to WhoWhatWear, “It adds nuance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit, making you look put together, polished, more interesting, and like you put a little effort into your look.” Hats are currently a huge trend, especially being summer when you want to keep the sun out of your eyes. Not only that, but it is a perfect third piece for your summer wardrobe!

**No white garments were stained during this shoot.**

Get My Look: 1. Any white pants. 2. A white lace top. 3. Straw hat.