STYLE GURU STYLE: A Little Bit of Angela Chase, a Little Bit of Clueless

March 8th, 2017 at 2:05am
STYLE GURU STYLE: A Little Bit of Angela Chase, a Little Bit of Clueless

I have always admired the style of the ’90s and if you’ve been following my CollegeFashionista feed for the past two years, you know this very well. As I have previously referenced in my other Style Guru Style articles, I gain style inspiration from various ’90s movies and TV shows. Mixing different textures and patterns is essential to any ’90s style, and my featured outfit shows just that!

I am a true believer in thrifting, so my featured outfit is all from local thrift stores, except my Doc Martens. Thrifting is an adventure in itself and thrift stores are ’90s style heaven. My featured jacket is black faux fur that drapes around me, framing my overall outfit. This winter I jumped onto the fur trend and truly believe that I will incorporate this texture in my outfits throughout the year. The fur jacket brings out my inner Cher Horowitz as it is fancy but can also be played down with the right accessories.

The dress I am wearing is inspired by Angela Chase from My So-Called Life, who exemplified the trend of mixing patterns with different textures. This dress may look floral, but it is actually floral pattern made out of different fruits which provides the girly yet grunge feel that Angela Chase embodied. My classic Doc Martens were the fashion icon of the ’90s and I find myself wearing them on a regular basis as a way to keep my aesthetic on any day with any outfit.

My style didn’t come to me right away, I had to gain inspiration from media, characters on shows, and examining which pieces from which decades I thought went with my liking. If you’re thinking about diving into the decade of the ’90s, here are some essential pieces I would recommend: patterned dresses—look for grunge style dresses, some patterns may include bleached, gingham, floral, or flannel. Try to find textured jackets—the fur jacket I am wearing is perfect, but there are other options to incorporate into your style, look for jean jackets, velvet jackets, and leather jackets. The last ’90s essential piece is chunky boots—I am very loyal to Doc Martens, but there are other options you can use in your outfits. Platform boots are a classic look and combat boots are a more toned down Doc Marten boot.