When winter hits it’s hard not to just bundle up in your pajamas and stay in bed with a cup of tea. I tend to find myself putting on multiple layers, turning myself into what appears like an overstuffed teddy bear. I find that the best way to motivate myself to get dressed and go out is to feature a flash of fun.

Taking inspiration from Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s 2016 pre-fall collection, I try to incorporate fun patterns or a pop of the unexpected into my outfit. He combines classy with grunge. Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s collection featured simple and sleek looks combined with more complex fabrics or patterns. I draw inspiration from his use of the unexpected when putting together my outfits for the winter.

There are a million ways to have some fun with outfits during the winter. I am a big fan of wearing something simple that has an eye-catching accessory. My pug hat is my go to “fun” accessory. I purchased the beanie at a flea market in New York City about a year ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. The pug catches the eyes of passerby’s and occasionally makes them laugh. Hey, if I can provide a laugh to a stranger with my goofy hat, then that makes my day even better. The beanie is not only super cute and silly, but also keeps my head warm or disguises my hair when I have major bed head.

Another way I spice up my outfit is by adding some color to my normal legging jean, just like from Alessandro Dell’Acqua features pops of colors in jackets against a sleek black dress. I’m someone who gets stuck in neutrals—especially black—during the winter season. It’s hard to pick out a cute outfit to brace the cold with when all you want to do is cuddle up and watch Netflix. However, finding a pair of comfortable pants that you want to put on to trudge through snow in isn’t easy. These burgundy legging pants help keep me warm while also keeping my outfit on point. Gap provides a wide variety of pants that can help cater to the different weather conditions when I switch between Pennsylvania and Los Angeles.

Dr. Martens are my go to winter boot because not only are they edgy and fun, but they also keep my feet extremely warm when trudging through the snow. My smooth black boot can go with almost any outfit, as they help transform a fancier outfit more casual or spice up a more mundane neutral outfit. The best part about Dr. Martens is that even when they get scuffed after a long wear they still remain fun and edgy as ever.

Walking to class can feel like a huge labor when it includes being hit by a brisk chill. By having a little fun with my outfit and making people smile with a goofy hat the winter walk to class is a less strenuous.

Get My Look: 1. Pug Beanie. 2. Burgundy Legging Pant. 3. Dr. Marten’s Black Smooth Boot.