STYLE GURU STYLE: A Different Kind of Boho

When putting my outfits together I automatically have to have something black in it. I’m known for always wearing black, and it is very rare that you see me in bright colors. As they say, “Once you go black, you never go back”.

My inspiration for this outfit came from Neil Barrett’s resort 2016 collection. I chose this collection mostly because of the black and white patterns. I absolutely fell in love with this collection, being that black is my favorite color to wear. I mean, why not! I found myself infatuated by the way the patterns blended in with each other and how the black and white looked so well together.

For this outfit, I mixed in the boho style with a little bit of a casual style. I wanted the pants to be the main attraction but I also added a fringe bag to give it more of a boho feel. I paired the pants with a simple black camisole instead of white to incorporate the black-on-black as I saw in the collection. Originally I had planned on wearing a black shoe, but being that my accessories were gold, I thought I should wear gold sandals as well. I usually like to keep all of the colors in my outfit in sync with each other.  For the past few days, I have been in the Dominican Republic and it was a bit chilly after it rained, so I decided to incorporate a jean jacket with my outfit. And of course I always have to accessorize, so I keep it simple with just a small necklace and a gold watch. This has definitely been my go-to summer outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Jean jacket. 2. Fringe bag. 3. Any black camisole. 4. Strappy sandals. 5. Cropped lounge pants. 6. Simple necklace.