I am a ’90s baby and you’d assume by observing my daily outfit choices that I never left. I am in love with all of the fashion trends from that decade, and I am excited to see that they are slowly finding their way back. The Giamba collection is one of my favorites from the spring 2016 ready-to-wear runway and I incorporated the details he showcased into my everyday style: feminine fit, ‘90s vibe, worn-in denim and bold prints.

I can never go wrong pairing my Converse with my outfit when going for a ‘90s vibe. It’s an automatic rewind to the high-top sneaker decade. I have a favorite denim jacket that is, of course, thrifted, worn in and unique. Giamba’s collection is all types of unique when it comes to the denim trend. There are prints, such as my American flag, all over the denim. I am wearing quite the fitted denim dress that flaunts feminine all over. I also added a few little details to integrate the unique ‘90s details Giamba presented. The scrunched black socks with the high-top sneakers, the gold hoop earrings, dark lipstick and personal pins on the denim jacket all allow this outfit to express the unique ‘90s trends.

My look is very personalized, but not in any way impossible to obtain. I started from the basics, and so can you! Aren’t the ‘90s all about personalizing your look anyways?

Get My Look: 1. Feminine fit denim dress. 2. Printed denim jacket. 3. Classic black high-top Converse.