STYLE GURU STYLE: '70s Threads

Revival of styles from the ’60s and ’70s have been all over the fashion scene this season. From the looks of it, these awesome styles will definitely be here for another winter season! I think touches from the ’70s are perfect for a casual, winter-day look.

’70s styles can easily be included in everyday looks this winter. Taking inspiration from the alice + olivia pre-fall 2016 collection, I combined classic ’70s touches to create a somewhat modern ’70s look. I loved all the patterns that were used in this collection and, of course, the flared bottom pieces! This collection was made up of all the classic pieces from the ’70s with the addition of some modern flare. I took inspiration from the way each look seemed to be focused around one accessory, whether that be a handbag or shoe.

To create my outfit, I centered all my pieces around a silk scarf; I pulled colors from the scarf for the rest of my look. American Eagle Outfitters flared jeans were combined with a hot pink T-shirt and a tan leather jacket that totally screams the ’70s. I added a paired of simple suede boots that reminded me of a pair in the alice + olivia collection. Turquoise stone rings were added to my look because I always have to add a personal style touch to every outfit I create! As a final ’70s addition, I added a fringe cross-body bag.

I believe that looks that incorporate ’70s styles can be manageable for everyone. Don’t be afraid to dive into other eras to find inspiration, especially if the decade is already trending in the modern fashion scene!

Get My Look: 1. Silk scarf. 2. Flared jeans. 3. T-shirt. 4. Suede boots.