For me, fashion this summer is all about taking a cue from the style of the ’70s. Halter tops, airy white blouses and clogs are some of my summer staples that make me feel like the ultimate ‘70s rock and roll babe. In the Clover Canyon Resort 2016 show, they bring together the vibrant colors and silhouettes of that iconic retro style. I was really inspired by the use of color and pattern in this collection. It feels both classic and modern. The A-line cut dresses and skirts bring a simplicity to the crazy colors and patterns.

Looks one through 16 were my favorite in the collection and where I drew my inspiration. I tried to merge the ‘70s-inspired style into my own everyday wear taking cues from the colors and statement pieces in this collection. After looking through the Clover Canyon looks, I instantly reached for these bell-bottoms. Having been tucked away in my closet for a while, this collection finally inspired me to bring them out into the world. Their cut and pattern mimics the ‘70s style of the show. They are classic but also funky and fun. Because my pants were so crazy I decided to keep it simple on top, pairing them with a basic white T-shirt. With that in mind, I also kept the accessories to a minimum. Not wanting to overwhelm my look, I decided to wear a body harness instead of a long necklace. Body harnesses are a great way to bring a little edge to any outfit. Then I topped it off with a wide brim hat and some circle sunglasses. Nothing is more ‘70s rock and roll then some John Lennon-inspired sunnies. These glasses are always a go to for me because they give any outfit that retro cool girl feel.

Get My Look: 1. Bell-bottoms. 2. T-Shirt. 3. Sunnies. 4. Hat.