History sometimes has a funny way of repeating itself. Some of the greatest fashion trends of decades past have influenced the ever changing trends of today and the future. From the ’70s we were influenced by everything from disco glamour, to boho-chic. This trend first started to pop up on runways in the fall of 2015. And later began to show up in everyone’s collections, stores, and runway looks. Each designer has their own unique take on how to spin the new, all while keeping influence from the old.

My own take on this runway look is inspired by the resort 2016 Elie Saab show. It includes styles from early glamour in the 1970’s and the jumpsuit is a large focus of the collection. It evokes the right feeling of an effortlessly breathtaking looks.

For me to take on this trend I was required to take a large step outside my own fashion comfort zone, and trying a new look. The jumpsuit. This iconic silhouette, influenced by the ’70s, can take any modern woman from drab to fab in a few easy steps. This specific jumpsuit is a more modern approach. This London Times black one piece is simple, but polish and a flattering fit. It is a timeless piece. It’s simplicity allows it to be dressed up or dressed down. I paired mine with a cute pair of wedges to add a some height, so it will elongate my legs even more. Accessories such as gold bangles or hoops can also take this look to the next level of glam. I decided to keep my look a little more casual and have my statement piece be the jumpsuit itself!

Although some of the most iconic style moments came from the decade of peace and love, I am glad that modern trends are here to stay. Thankfully we left the big hair and bad music in the ’70s and took some great style inspiration from one of the most influential decades ever. Everything from big issues to big bottoms show how versatile and different it really was.

Get My Look: 1. A jumpsuit. 2. Pair it with some awesome pumps or wedges. 3. A cute clutch to achieve just the right look.