With summer approaching fast and the need to find inspiration for my changing wardrobe, I decided to turn to the eras to find my summer style. I’ve recently been into the idea of bell-bottoms and crop tops, so I decided to take a modern twist on a ’70s, south western themed summer outfit.

I found these soft, chambray gauchos a few weeks back when I was on the hunt for a pair of pants that I could throw on when I was in a hurry. For starters, they are extremely comfortable. I can pair them with many different tops, which makes them versatile. Also, being petite, it’s hard to find cropped pants that work well with my body type. Yet, these pants hit me at the right spot and allow for me to show off a pair of cute shoes which, knowing me, is a must!

Next, I took the opportunity to browse my sister’s closet for the perfect top to complement these pants. I came across this southwestern crop top that immediately caught my eye. The soft blue color woven into the top matched perfectly with my pants. The hemline also worked because my pants were high-waisted. The flowy sleeves and pattern played into my ’70s theme. Lastly, the button detail and low V-neck allowed for me to pair it with simple jewelry.

As for the accessories, I found these light blue circle sunglasses and instantly fell in love. The round shape screamed ’70s, yet the color and detail of them gave them a modern twist. They paired nicely with the color scheme I was working with too.

I went with a pair of straw espadrilles because those are my go-to shoes in the summer time. These ones in particular fit with my south western theme and matched well with the tan color of my top. Need I mention that they are probably one of the most comfortable shoes I own, which is a must with the amount of walking I do in the summertime.

What I really love about each piece in this outfit is how I can easily take each item and pair it with so many other things to make it its own. The overall bohemian feel makes this style the perfect summer outfit to take from the city sidewalks, to the festivals, and finally to the rooftops!