STYLE GURU STYLE: '70s and Graphic Tees

One of my absolute favorite things about fashion is that it is constantly recycling itself.  Today, one decade is making a huge comeback.  Bell-bottoms, fringe, suede mini skirts, patchwork prints, peasant blouses and denim day-wear. That’s right—I’m talking about the ‘70s.

The ‘70s have been making a comeback for a while now, and the fashion world has definitely taken notice. I took inspiration for my look from the fall 2015 Jill Stuart ready-to-wear collection.  I was inspired by the versatility of the collection, the way she incorporated the mini skirt in so many looks, and all the chic, different ways suede was used throughout the runway.

For me it’s all about taking an old trend and putting my own twist on it, which is why I chose a burnt orange suede mini skirt with laser cut detailing as a main piece in my look.  The suede mini skirt paid homage to the ‘70s, while the laser cut design gives it a modern flare. To add a retro vibe to my outfit, I paired a fun graphic tee of The Beatles with my favorite oversized Levi Brand jacket that I found at a cute little thrift store in Brooklyn, New York.

Adding some chunky clog sandals, a turquoise bracelet, a beaded wrap choker and an adorable fringe cross-body bag took this groovy outfit back to the ‘70s.  Pulling my hair back in a high pony and a simple black pair of circular shades put the finishing touches on my edgy ‘70s inspired look.

Get My Look: 1. Any retro graphic T-shirt..  2. A suede mini skirt.  3. A vintage denim jacket.