STYLE GURU STYLE: 1,2,3...Sporty-Chic

I love to switch up my wardrobe and experiment with new things. This week was a bit hectic for my hair and I. With all the humidity and changes in the weather, I could not seem to keep a solid hairstyle! In the process of me getting dressed one morning, I contemplated on what to do with this wreck on the top of my head. So I came across my black vintage leather cap, straight out of the ’90s. I must say that hat is a life saver!

I wasn’t really sure on how I was going to bring this hat into my look, but I figured it out. Picking one specific piece and dressing around it, sometimes makes my life much easier. I remember surfing and coming across a look in Adam Selman’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection and the light bulb came on. Fashion takes creative thinking you know? Considering that Adam Selman is one of my favorite designers, it was not hard for me to be inspired by the 24 awesome looks in this collection. The collection had a sporty theme and the models looked so comfortable in their skirts and visors. Through them all, there was one particular look that stood out to me the most.

Though I am not yet the owner of a visor, I could not wait to give this trendy idea a remix of my own. One of the model’s outfits reminded me of something similar to that of tennis attire. I grabbed a black bodysuit that I found in my drawer with the back out. I must have gone through ten different skirts trying to pick the one that best fit my look. After going back and forth to my full-body mirror multiple times, I finally picked this tan colored striped knit mini skirt. I just had to steal my sister’s black and white snakeskin clutch so that I could wear my ‘oh so comfy’ white go-to sandals.

I accessorized it up with some simple earrings, and not too much jewelry. I figured if I’m going to go sporty, I’d better do it right. This was a simple, yet chic look for the hot summer weather coming our way. I can say that this day was one of my most comfortable ones, and let’s just say, no one would ever know what was under that hat.

Get My Look: 1. A solid color mini skirt. 2. A vintage leather cap, or any visor. 3. Bodysuit of your choice.