STYLE GURU BIO:Molly McInerney

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey, everyone, my name is Molly and I am a junior at Saint Joseph’s University! I am a food marketing major and a participant in the food marketing co-op program.

I attended Catholic school for 14 years so my #OOTD never strayed far from a skort and a polo. When I graduated high school and said goodbye to my uniform, I experienced both excitement and fear–I now had to pick out an outfit EVERY day. Those weeks of trying on outfit after outfit in my small dorm room seemed like a hassle, but looking back I recognize it gave me the opportunity to develop my own personal style. I realized I needed to add more day-to-day pieces to my wardrobe and began to figure out what clothing styles fit me best.

My mom loves choosing outfits and I’ve always enjoyed picking out stuff from her closet, so her style has influenced mine greatly! We’re both only 5 foot 1 inch tall so finding clothes that fit right can be tricky. My mom taught me that because of this, the “it trend” doesn’t always work on our short stature. Realizing this has made me more confident in my clothes–I no longer buy clothes just because they are inexpensive or super trendy, but because they fit right and are good quality.

I would describe my style as a mixture of trendy, preppy, classy and always chic! Many of my closet staples are classic pieces that can be worn casual or dressed up with fun accessories. My typical day-to-day outfit consists of jeans and a simple top, plus jewelry to add a pop of color or sparkle! My go-to pieces of jewelry are my monogram necklace, gold watch, pave link bracelet and a pair of gold studs. I love statement necklaces and other trendy pieces when I want to go for a more fun look. I recently have been loving Kendra Scott’s necklaces and earrings–they’re simple, yet add fun color to any outfit! I am pretty simple when it comes to shoes. I love wedges when I want to add some height to my petite frame, but always fall back on my Tory Burch sandals or a pair of booties when I want a more casual look!