STYLE GURU BIO: Lydia Johnson

In the words of Regina Brett, “No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.”

I love the summertime. Denim shorts, flip flops, sundresses and bathing suits are all a part of my favorite season of the year. Cool, long nights draped in colorful styles, beach bums with forever smiles, the summer has a unique style that lets Fashionistas play with colors. textures and prints.

The weather where I live is mainly warm and hot, so my summer wardrobe contains sundress, sandals, shorts and tank tops. My style has evolved over the years. As I look back on old embarrassing Facebook photos, (Check out my Fashion Obsessions blog page here), I found that when I was  younger, I enjoyed creating garments and making jewelry out of recyclable materials. While I still am in love with fashion and style, I learned from study abroad experience in London, England, that your style is a window into your world. I interned for an amazing shoe designer by the name of Penelope Chilvers. She is inspired by Spain, after having a long love affair with the city’s unique culture. Her mission is the bring the Spanish Riding boot to England. So far she has given England beautiful riding boot that has been worn by many distinguish celebrities.

My style today is “Classic Cool.” I discovered this short sleeve denim dress in my closet. My back platforms are from H&M and my necklace is from my favorite store, Primark. The summer season challenges Fashionistas to dress cool and stylish at the same time. My top tip is to focus on what you are comfortable in yet gives you style. That is why I like this simple dress. It is comfortable and cute at the same time.