STYLE GURU BIO: Zoia Kozakov

Hello there! My name is Zoia (pronounced ZO-ya) and I am currently a sophomore at Parsons School of Design, majoring in strategic design and business management which basically means that I am studying all about the behind the scenes of design, art and fashion. Besides my love for putting together cool outfits, I have always been interested in how a dress becomes more than just a dress, but a representation of one’s creativity, a sought-after trend and much more.

Living in New York has given me endless opportunities to self-discover what I consider stylish and trendy, but beyond that, it has offered me first-hand experience within the fashion industry on the job, as well as on the streets of my favorite neighborhoods; Soho (where I currently live), West Village and Flatiron. I am excited to share this city’s diverse street style, as well as my own take on it and how I make it through the crazy pace of the day-to-day life here.

In terms of my personal style, I would say that although it is ever-changing, I have stuck to a monochrome color scheme with occasional and unexpected pops of color. It is practically my mission to show the world that wearing blacks, whites and grays is the furthest thing from boring and you will definitely be seeing a lot of that through my fashion and beauty advice.

I am beyond excited about this semester and the opportunity to showcase my #StyleGuruStyle and I hope you will follow me through my big city adventures!