Hello friends! My name is Zoey Peck, and I am about to embark on my sophomore year at Syracuse University. I’m studying Film in the Visual and Performing Arts School, and enjoy photography and fashion on my free time. I cannot wait for another year filled with yummy food, great people and some cool outfits. College has had a big influence on my style, and I hope I can pass that on to all of YOU! Being in the art school has allowed me to greater express myself, and add more diversity into what I wear. Because as you can see, I just can’t wear enough black.

I’d say that my style revolves around many things, but the most important of those is comfort. Feeling good in what you wear can affect your whole day, so I make it my priority when getting dressed. Alongside comfort, I’ll always choose something that reflects me and who I am. That means lots of simple, solid colors. You’ll only find black, white, tan and maybe orange in my closet.

Jewelry plays a huge role in my style. I love accompanying my solid, and simple style with chunky necklaces and cool bracelets. That being said, my style is always evolving and I’m always inspired by the people around me. I hope the people I choose to photograph will have the same affect on you! I’m looking forward to showing you the wonderful people of ‘CUSE!