Hey guys! I’m Zoe, a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison! I’m currently a pre-med student with a double major in public health and French literature and a minor in dance. As the summer begins and freshman year officially ends I’m left looking back on what was definitely the best year of my life. For me, and I’m sure many others, freshman year has been the first time in a long time that I took the advice “be yourself” to heart and I’ve learned it’s a waste of time to be anything else. And watching this past year fly by has been a reminder to live for the present, and to dress like I’m going to Instagram it.

My interest in fashion began shortly after becoming disinterested in being told what to do. At the age of three, I started refusing my mom’s outfit picks and began dressing myself and doing my own hair. My ensembles ranged from a cheerleading uniform paired with a feather boa and my ballet slippers to a tutu and rain boots; they were anything but ready-to-wear high fashion, but they were out there. And while I wasn’t necessarily fashion savvy from the get-go, I seemed to understand early on that the only way to craft a unique brand is to know the “rules” and then break them.

To me fashion is a way to represent yourself, boost your mood and to experiment—both with passing trends and when searching for your signature look. Every season is an opportunity to switch it up, and this summer I’m looking to walk the line between “about to kick off my adidas and walk along the beach” and “I commute to the city—for brunch.”

My style is best described as California chill and New York polished and I’m forever searching for the most comfortable way to look put together. If you catch me on campus, I’m probably wearing ripped jeans, my beat up Stan Smiths and a plain white T-shirt, but I’m always on the hunt for statement pieces to amp up my wardrobe and for my next signature pair of sneakers.

This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I’m looking forward to a summer of stepping out of my comfort zone, getting inspired by my fellow Fashionistas/os and experimenting with writing and photography. I’ve spent a long time learning what style means to me and I’m excited to finally share it.