STYLE GURU BIO: Zoe Bernstein

Hey there, Fashionistas/os! My name is Zoe Bernstein and I just finished my sophomore year at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I am studying advertising and marketing communications. This will be my third semester with CollegeFashionista and I couldn’t be more excited! This internship has given me so many amazing opportunities and I’ve met such awesome people. I can’t wait to see what is in store for this summer!

Having the opportunity to study in New York City has exposed me to such eclectic groups of people from all over the world. Growing up watching Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, I thought I knew exactly what the “New York City fashion.” However during my time here, I’ve realized that there isn’t really one set look that everyone in the city abides by. There are so many things in the city that influence different peoples’ styles—their environment, culture, music, peers. Being in the middle of Manhattan where I am able to find inspiration around every corner has definitely helped me figure out what my own style is.

So what is my style? Well, I could be cliché and say, “it changes every day,” which don’t get me wrong it does, but so does everyone else’s. I find that I tend to dress grungier in the fall and winter. For spring and summer, that’s when I pull out all of my dresses and channel my somewhat inner girly-girl. The outfit that I’m wearing is a perfect example of what I would consider a classic “Zoe outfit”—casual, slightly edgy and of course, comfortable. I recently got this denim overall dress, which I know will become part of my summer uniform. I slipped on a white T-shirt under it and finished the look with a pair of white sneakers, a must when you’re walking several blocks in the city.

I’m ecstatic to start another term as a Style Guru. Let’s have a RAD summer, Fashionistas/os!