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STYLE GURU BIO: Ymani Ethridge

January 25th, 2017 at 2:06am
STYLE GURU BIO: Ymani Ethridge

Hello everyone! My name is Ymani, but you can call me Yim. I am a freshman studying merchandise product development at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I am so excited to start 2017 as a Style Guru for not only CollegeFashionista, but for all of you Fashionistas reading this.

I personally believe in all aspects of fashion and what it offers. I believe that we are subject to our own fashion fantasies and that, yes, we may have inspirations or gurus to live by, but all in all we have our own specific style that makes us true to who we are and what makes us unique. The way fashion separates us from one another, yet brings us all together under a category has always baffled me since I was a young girl. The idea of bohemian, preppy, gothic, chic, and so much more, was absolutely brilliant to me, and still is. You should never be identified as only one thing for you are so many and so much more. You should never be stuck in a fad or a trend and you should never feel subjected to fit in or be identified as a certain mold of fashion, yet it all works out.

There is so much inspiration out there that there is no way to feel confined when every idea of fashion is thought of outside of the box with no limitations and no confinement. When people ask me what my style is, I have no idea, and I like it that way. But if I have to give a legitimate answer, my style is whatever makes me feel confident and empowered when I walk down the streets of San Diego, Los Angeles, or even the halls of my own school. It feels better to me to dress for myself and not for anyone else, even when I look like a couch potato, it’s on purpose.

For the look above, I did what I do best, tuck my shirt into a pair of boyfriend jeans and walk out the door. This look is always a go-to for me and I love mixing it up. Pairing a tweed jacket with black, white, and red detailing, gave me so many options but had me asking so many questions. Do I pair it with a black and white stripped shirt? Plain white shirt? Then it hit me, my white “Bonne Nuit” T-shirt with a major emphasis on red. Usually I love wearing shoes that are so different to the outfit, but in this case I wanted to match it up. Tweed with tweed, in my closet, is all the rage. These tweed shoes are so comfortable, cute, and were made by our father, Karl. So chic.

I hope you find this look something that you can resort to and use as inspiration for your next boyfriend jean outfit! Later Fashionistas.