STYLE GURU BIO: Yanmin Jiang

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi, fellow Fashionisatas/os! My name is Yanmin Jiang, and I’m currently a freshman in Pace University majoring in Advertising Marketing with a minor in Digital Design. I am so thrilled and ecstatic to declare my new identity as a new member of CollegeFashionista style Guru family.

I was born and raised in Shanghai, the second most significant city in China. People from various cultural backgrounds gathered here and made up the unique Shanghai new modern culture. Nowadays, Shanghainese are still keeping the spirit of absorbing different arts and cultures from the world and creating its own western and eastern taste. Fashion is an essential element of this city. Twice every year, Shanghai Fashion Week will be held in Taipin Lake Park, which is located near my home. Designers, bloggers, editors and fashion models will gather there and make it a huge fashion party.

Being impressed by tons of perfectly well dressed men and women, I decided to develop my career in fashion. I became a fashion model one year ago. Luckily, I roamed the runway for several fall collections during Shanghai Fashion Week. Meanwhile, I am constantly gaining new inspirations of fashion styling thanks to the daily interaction with designers and make up artists.

Over the past few months, I shuffled busily from one runway show to another, which broadened my horizons of fashion. Besides working, I started building up my own style and trying everything new in my life. Today, my street style consists an early summer look made up of a pair of zip back sandal, loose lace pants and waffle mash kimono. When you are enjoying the early summer breeze, a flowing long kimono can add a shot of glamour that won’t be overly sexy. A Niels Peeraer baby bag also adds a hint of allure to the outfit.

My own style is only a tip of the iceberg. New Yorkers’ street styles encourage and inspire me to create and try new fashion styles. I encourage you all to join me this summer and check back on my posts every Tuesday to see what’s new.