STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Chardiet

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Throw away your fashion rule books. Black and navy? Go for it. Two patterns? Let your freak flag fly. Long skirts on short girls? Eat your heart out.

I was raised by a woman who thought that short skirts, low-cut tops, and impeccable manners are an essential part to the perfect woman. Being raised in a fiercely Hispanic household can be as complex as the American political system; on one side of the aisle, my father has always emphasized tradition and class, and on the other my mother, while the epitome of a lady, never ceases to encourage me to shorten my hemlines and heighten my heels. In this way, my family background is the foundation of my style. My style icons include Carolina Herrara and Diane von Furstenberg, however I often cannot resist drooling over the shapeless black dresses that Acne rolls down the runway.

I have always found following rules rather difficult. At age nine, much to my mother’s dismay, I dropped out of the local Girl Scouts chapter because I couldn’t understand why they kept telling me what to do. Nowadays, I tend to shock my mother when I come downstairs in the morning sporting head to toe black (sorry, Anna Wintour), but I always make a point to remind her that I take risks in fashion because she taught me to. There are times when I leave the house with five minutes to get to school because I had changed my outfit twice because it didn’t match my shoes. To say that I’m obsessed with shoes would be an understatement. One of my largest existential questions is why society doesn’t allow me to leave the house rocking only a sweet pair of five-inch heels and my favorite purse.

I’m not a very large person. Reaching 5’5” on a good day, a good pair of heels are a staple in my wardrobe. From five-inch mules to a pair of black heeled booties, a little bit of height always gives me the confidence boost I need as I am walking out the door. As everyone knows, along with every shoe obsession comes a handbag obsession. Purses are my favorite practical accessory, from buying them for ten dollars at the nearby thrift store or saving up for something nice, my collection has been steadily expanding over the years.

As a soon-to-be first year student at Pratt Institute studying Industrial Design, my classic feminine style is sure to be swayed a little in the coming months; however I hope that some of my mother’s teachings stay with me as I go, and I’d love if you all came along for the ride.