STYLE GURU BIO: Urechi Oguguo

Hello there, fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Urechi and I am a proud native of the richly cultured country of Nigeria, West Africa studying as an international student in the States. I am a fourth year student of Architecture at The University of Texas at San Antonio and a freelance graphic designer. When I’m not tackling design problems or battling the inevitable but resourceful all-nighters that come with architecture school, I am most likely developing my hobbies in writing and photography, or (and perhaps more commonly) living my life as the unofficial occasional fashion therapist that I call myself!

When I was younger, any time I couldn’t find an outfit I was satisfied with at the stores, my mother would let me sketch out my own design, pick out the fabric I wanted it in, and then have a tailor bring my design to life. It was always my favorite thing to do! It was also the trigger to my life as a Fashionista. At a young age, I realized the significance of self-expression through style. Throughout secondary school, I was always the first call for an artistic opinion at any event that we were preparing for. This eventually molded my career path towards architecture. I knew that no matter where life led me, I would always be surrounded by design and I adored being a part of that. Fashion and architecture, although quite distinct, are in a way similar as they both reflect a society and its attitude towards culture. One always relates to the other.

My black and blue box-braids have been my favorite accessory this past few weeks; they work well with most of my day-to-day ensembles and are really fun to style. This floral-embroidered vintage vest (one of my more fortunate thrift-store finds) was the base of my entire outfit. I paired it with a white chiffon blouse from T.J. Maxx, and a grey pair of high-waisted trousers, just the right colors to allow the intricacy of the vest to stand out. The entire looked was capped off just right with my favorite pair of black suede cut-out booties.

Style is a way to effortlessly express yourself and I admire uniqueness and individuality in personal style, whether that means following cool trends or setting your own! I wear whatever outfit, in whichever trend reflects my mood at a certain period and I’m always open to try new things. There are no rules to fashion and the theme of your personal style can change as often as you do—and that’s fine, because spontaneity is the key!