STYLE GURU BIO: Trysten Florey

Hello! My name is Trysten Florey and this is my first semester being a Style Guru. I am a freshman at Illinois State University and majoring in Marketing. I love style and organization, and you can most likely find me at the local Einstein Brother Bagels sipping on coffee while Pinterest-ing. Organization has always been a part of my personality; however, style is a new found love.

Yes, I was one of those awkward junior high students who had no idea how to dress. I thought that the more layers, the better. Add a scarf and pull my hair into the tightest ponytail possible, and I was ready for the day. Some of you may be wondering why my mom ever let me out of the house like that. Recently, I was sifting through pictures from my “awkward stage,” and I asked her. She said, “I always let you dress however you wanted. I didn’t want to influence your style or deter you from being yourself.”

During high school, year by year, I started to develop my own personal style. I found that I could express myself through the way I dressed. Senior year in high school, I completely restocked my wardrobe with things that I felt said “Trysten.” I found small boutiques and online stores that I immediately fell in love with; my go-to boutique is Francesca’s. They had different clothes and statement pieces that I knew not many people would have. I love to be different, and these stores helped me embrace that.

When I heard about CollegeFashionista, I was so excited. I rushed to my dorm and applied. Who else gets to go around campus and write articles about the latest Fashionista/os? It sounded like the perfect internship for me and I am more than excited to get started!

As for my personal style, I dress for comfort and fashion as much as possible. My favorite statement piece is my faux fur vest. I think that everyone has their own, unique style; you should rock your own look and embrace being different because there is only one you! I’m a firm believer in looking your best and dressing for success. Always remember: the best accessory to wear is your smile.