Hello stylish friends! My name is Tricia Ello and I am a junior at the University of Colorado Denver. I am studying Psychology and Pre-Medicine and this is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista!

Fashion has always been my creative outlet. Growing up, I would steal anything I could get my hands onnamely, my dad’s shirts and countless items from my sisters’ closets to change up my style. I would practice my sewing skills on napkins while watching Michael Kors and Tim Gunn as they ruthlessly critiqued aspiring designers on Project Runway. And yes, I still steal from my sisters’ closets. Nevertheless, one thing has always resonated with me: Fashion is about individuality and living in the now. I love seeing how different items, like a classic flannel, can look sweet and simple on one Fashionista and yet punk rock chic on another, all in the same season.

My style is constantly evolving. I draw inspiration from my favorite bloggers (i.e. Ashley Glorioso of purse ‘n boots), the beauty of the snow-capped Rockies and everything in between. Working as a Style Guru allows me to be creative and express my love for all things beautiful, eclectic, trendy and unique. This semester I am looking forward to rocking red lipstick, flannels and fur vests. I am excited to scout out all you stylish ladies and gents on campus and show the world what Denver has to offer. Our Mile High City is a mix of outdoorsy and urban chic, embodying a fashion sense all its own. So, I implore you, all you head-turning, stylish CU Denver students, to emerge from your puffers and scarves and show me what you’ve got! I want to see how you’re staying both stylish and warm during this ski season. So gear up and get dressed because this is going to be a fun, fashion-filled spring semester. After all, looking good is half the battle.