STYLE GURU BIO: Trasina Diazmunoz

Hey everyone! My name is Trasina and I am so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista this summer! I am an incoming senior at Ohio Wesleyan University, pursuing a B.A in studio with a concentration in photography and minoring in classics and sociology. I know, very random but hey, I like what I like!  I am currently studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. I look forward to writing about fashion from my experience there. Fashion has always played a pivotal role in my life and in the future I hope to pursue a career in the fashion industry, specifically fashion photography.

I was born and spent my early years in Mexico City, being raised in such a musical and artistic area really inspired me and has influenced my perception of the beauty in things around me, as well as in my own work. I moved to the United States when I was 10 years old and now live in Champaign, Illinois, but I go to school in Delaware, Ohio. At school I am the vice president of membership for my sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Joining Tri Delta has shaped who I am today in a lot of ways; having a constant support system like that is very important to me, especially as I now try to pursue my future aspirations.

I have always been obsessed with fashion and when it comes to my own personal style, I really just go with the flow. When I’m shopping if I see something I love, I will get it and rock that certain piece for a while, such as my purple bandana these days. I have always been inspired by street style because it displays how everyone has their own style and puts their own twist on fashion. My all-time favorite fashion photographer is Richard Avedon. Although he photographs many other subjects, his photographs of fashion have always caught my eye; his resourcefulness and creativity became a trademark for his art. Another famous photographer I love is Ben Watts. What Ben does in this industry is a lot of what I want to do; he photographs women and men’s fashion, celebrities, athletes and music for magazine covers. These two photographers inspire me and I hope to one day be as great as they are!

Check back for more about what I encounter and write about!