Hi fellow Fashionistas! My name is Tori Lyman and I am a rising sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington majoring in communication studies. Ever since I can remember I have loved fashion. As a matter of fact, at my kindergarten graduation I proudly announced to the audience that one day I would be a fashion designer. Unfortunately for me I lack basic sewing capabilities, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put together a great outfit!

It’s hard for me to describe my style as just one thing, but if I had to pick one word, I would choose fluid. Weird word choice, right? I would say that because, my style isn’t just boho, grunge or chic, but rather a combination. I base my style on current trends, the city I am in and even my mood. For me, the fun of fashion comes from changing up your look and stepping out of your comfort zone (in a pair of fabulous shoes). Fashion is a way for me to express my creative side seeing as though I’m not much of an artist or musician. When I’m in a great outfit I’m able to be my truest self. I feel confident, and feel like I could take on anything the world throws at me.

This look I chose to show you is definitely more on the boho side. I did, however, put an edgy spin on it with some funky platform shoes and a strappy bralette. I have always been a sucker for a good dress and this was perfect for a day in the city. I love the color and pattern on this dress and felt it was really unique. The brass button details were are also a great touch, although a pain to button! With this outfit, I really went for it with accessories. I love to add accessories on a daily basis because it can vamp up your look with minimal effort. I fell in love with this choker in the checkout line of Forever 21 and it went perfectly with the dress. I finished off the look with this hat that gave the outfit that ’70s feel I love. And of course I can’t forget my sunnies! These are my absolute favorite pair that I wear almost every day, but sadly they are discontinued.

As I said before, my style is “fluid” so this is just a little look into my fashion infused brain. I cannot wait to share with you guys what else I have stored up there, as well as other awesome Fashionistas I spot along the way!