My name is Tori Lin, and I am a rising junior at Tufts University. Currently, I am majoring in International Relations, concentrating in International Finance and minoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Chinese.

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, but for college I decided to head over to Boston to experience something brand new! In the summers, I usually travel to Taipei or head down to Los Angeles. My experiences and time within these cities have really shaped my understanding of fashion and has really changed my own personal style.

I would describe my personal style as chic, but unique. Although black takes up most of my wardrobe, I am obsessed with color when it comes to unique prints or statement pieces. Growing up, my mother always taught me that style should be developed through a gradual collection of pieces. Even though each piece should work in sync with everything else, every piece should add a new dimension to your closet. I love fashion because a switch of a piece like an accessory, a jacket or a scarf can change the entire feel of the outfit.

Today, I am wearing a black and white printed jumpsuit by Parker, paired with a blazer by Wilfred. I love this blazer because this piece can pull together any outfit. This tuxedo-inspired jacket perfectly drapes over any dress, romper or even with just a simple T-shirt with a pair of lightly washed denim. Jumpsuits are probably one of my favorite trending fashion items right now. Throw on a pair of heels or espadrilles, and you are ready to go! For every day accessories, I like to keep it simple but bold. A pastel or neutral toned bag brings together any outfit, as well as a pair of durable yet rockin’ sunglasses. Everyday, I keep my arm candy to the minimum with a two-toned watch, the Clic Calc H bracelet and a black and gold Chan Luu.

For me, fashion acts as an extension of not only an individual’s personality, but also an extension of the environment in which they are surrounded by. As fashion evolves from city to city, from season to season, I am beyond excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team. Stay tuned for my posts as I report the trends throughout the streets of Seattle.