My name is Toni Sichel (you won’t forget my name because I’m always rockin’ my silver “Toni” necklace). I’m a freshman at Temple University located in North Philadelphia. This is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I could not be more excited!

Living in the city, there are trend-setters everywhere you turn. I constantly find myself eyeing people up and down (in a non-creepy way… I promise) and analyzing their outfits from head to toe. After countless instances of pointing out Fashionistas/os to my friends, I knew I had to put my style sense to good use. That’s when I decided to hop on board with CollegeFashionista.

Seeing people around campus gives me inspiration for my own daily outfits and I can’t wait to share my cool and unique findings with you! I’d describe my own style as laid back and casual, while still trying to incorporate a little edginess here and there. For a normal day on campus, you can find me in my favorite pair of black jeggings. I love my black wedged boots because not only are they essential for fall/winter time, but they give me a little bit of height as well! A collared blue button-down gives a classy feel to the outfit while adding on a military green jacket keeps the style nice and casual for the day. I top it off with my favorite personalized necklace, as mentioned above, and I’m ready!

To quote the infamous Ralph Lauren: “Fashion is something that comes from within you.” Let your style speak for itself and have fun with it! It’s time to take a look around Temple and snap some pictures of people who are dressed to impress. I hope you follow my posts and get some rad ideas to include in your outfit choices. Here’s to a great spring semester!