STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Lintakoon

I wasn’t always the fashion “it” girl growing up. There was a period of time where I thought handbags didn’t need to match with what I wore. I only cared if handbags were functional. During my early high school years, I developed fashion ideas of what to wear, but remained in my comfort zone by wearing basic graphic T-shirts because I cared what my peers might think of me.

I didn’t really truly express my fashion style until my senior year of high school. I had done sketches before, but wanted to learn more about the technical style so I enrolled in a fashion design course at a local community college. My ideas started to take off. I would have visions of trends that would come to life in the market! Interesting enough, my source of inspiration did not draw directly from fashion designers. I looked to myself and the wardrobe I currently had. In order to avoid dressing like everyone else, I had always asked myself, “How can I push myself to incorporate different styles and pieces together?” I took it upon myself to sew my own clothes and reconstruct pieces I’d find in local thrift stores.

Currently, I would say my style is relaxed, but chic. It’s very important that I feel confident and comfortable without looking like a complete bum.

Fun fact: I’ve danced for 13 years in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary.

Get my look: 1. Blouse. 2. Knit Cardigan. 3. Leather Leggings. 4. Rings. 5. Boots.