STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Borrego

Hello, once again, to all my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Tiffany Borrego and I am so thrilled to be back as a Style Guru and Social Media Intern for CollegeFashionista this summer.

This is my third semester with CollegeFashionista and this is going to be the best one yet. I love writing and photography, especially when it has to do with beauty and fashion, so being a Style Guru is definitely perfect for that. This summer, I will also be working as a Social Media intern so it will be a brand new experience that I’m super excited for.

Here’s a little bit about myself—I am a junior at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, but I grew up in Tampa, Florida. I grew up in a Venezuelan and Cuban household so culture is a big thing, especially when it comes to food. I am currently majoring in international relations and Spanish because I love learning about new cultures and languages, but I have many other passions besides those things.

I love photography, writing, music, filming, drawing, playing instruments and traveling. I like to keep myself entertained when I’m not in school so growing up with so many hobbies has definitely been a plus. I have become obsessed with social media lately, specifically Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat because of my love for photography. Thanks to photography, I can showcase my different passions through the same platform.

In regards to my fashion sense, it is all over the place. One day I will look like a complete tomboy and the next I will be wearing a dress with high heels and red lipstick. I feel like fashion is something that you can always experiment with because trends are always changing and you are always changing as well. One thing that will never change about me though, is my obsession with the color black. In my past three STYLE GURU BIOS, I have talked about how much I love dressing in black. There’s a quote that says, “Yesterday I wore black. Today I am wearing black. Tomorrow I will wear black” and I live by that quote religiously. Being a Fashionista has definitely expanded my love for different styles and colors as well but once you go black, you never go back.

For today’s look, I incorporated a few of my favorite things—A boho top, red pants (because that’s my favorite color) and some black Valentino inspired heels. I would have never thought about pairing these pieces together but when I tried them all on, I noticed that mixing styles together is not always a terrible idea.

There’s a quote by Christian Louboutin that always inspires me: “Fashion isn’t interesting when it comes from an uninspired place.” Look for inspiration everywhere you go, don’t be afraid to try something new and always stay RAD!