STYLE GURU BIO: Tiara Raiford

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Welcome! My name is Tiara Raiford and I am a new Style Guru, hoping to impress this summer! Let’s just get right in to this article.

For this look I had to do a summer rainy day outfit. The day I had to do my photo shoot it just so happened to rain, but that’s summer! You do NOT have to turn down your fashion for gloomy, humid, moist days. When it rains I always wear leggings, but let me say this: NO, most leggings should not be worn as just pants. If your leggings are see through or thin, then you should probably wear a long shirt over them. In my case, these leggings are extremely thick, and they keep me safe from cold weather and rain.

My top is my favorite tank top from Wet Seal. With Fourth of July just two moths away it is not uncommon to see people out with red, white, and blue. Although, even if it wasn’t so close you can still get away with wearing it if there is a character on it. I chose to wear this tank because even though it was raining it is still summer and it gets hot. This is perfect for when it stops raining and it starts to get humid outside. It is also very light weight and loose which makes it very breathable for situations like that.

In case it is raining all day never fear, you have a half jacket! No matter what anyone says I LOVE HALF JACKETS. People may push and try as they might to get rid of this piece but I will never let it go. Just look at how convenient it is! It’s not too heavy for a rainy summer day, but it covers your arms and has a hood for when you have to make a quick run to your car. It’s easy to throw on and off when it gets too hot, or if it gets cold. The denim fabric gives this look an effortless, laid back feel that everyone wants to achieve on a rainy day.

Of course to top it all off you want to have sneakers or boots on to help protect your feet from puddles.I have on my favorite black combat boots from Wet Seal. Accessorize to add some girly-ness to your look, like earrings, and of course never forget your umbrella! Now you’re ready to conquer the rain in style!

Well, that’s all about me and my fashion! I hope I hit most of my points, but if not just follow my posts. You’ll learn a lot more about me from the people I find around my hometown. This should be a fun journey, and if it’s not I will make it one! Thanks for being a part of this journey with me!