STYLE GURU BIO: Tiansong Zhou

Hello everyone, this is Tiansong Zhou. I am pleased to be part of the CollegeFashionista Style Guru team this summer. I am just a typical junior student, studying Business Enterprise and Management and Statistics at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. One thing makes me different is that I have been to all European countries, and I have lived in four different continents after I was born in Beijing 22 years ago. I currently live in New York City.

Unfortunately, I did not fall in love with fashion during my visit to all these foreign countries, although their fashion styles were quite special. My love of fashion has developed in a unique way, which I believe makes me stand out. I worked with two archaeological teams during the past two summers. My sharp eyes allowed me to catch all important patterns or styles of cloth on the dead bodies. I realized my talent, and I would like to use them on living objects or clothes.

Obviously, this outfit is not my archaeological outfit. It is a daily outfit for the school of Business at Wake Forest University. Studying in such an enthusiastic school has allowed me to explore my own taste in fashion of business, and I realized that I can wear whatever I want, as long as I feel confident. I feel that my clothes express how I feel. Today is a sunny day, and this outfit color reflects the happy feelings. I paired the look with a button-down shirt of the same color. I completed my outfit with a dark brown Cole Haan belt and shoes to demonstrate the steadiness of a business school student.

This is my first time being a Style Guru, and I hope this helps you learn a little bit about me. Miuccia Prada once said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world.” This quote was mentioned by my archaeological professor. From archaeology to fashion, I am so eager to show how people present themselves to the world today. I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and I cannot wait to share some great styles in New York City and North Carolina.