STYLE GURU BIO: Teresa Sniezek

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello fashion lovers! My name is Teresa Sniezek and I am currently studying Apparel Merchandising at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I am 21 years old and have been a creative soul most of my life, which brings me here. My love and interest in photography, writing and fashion are able to truly blossom here on my own personal page with CollegeFashionista.

There are numerous experiences and passions that have shaped who I am and what I love today. A large portion of my life is dedicated to my ethnicity. I am 75 percent Italian and 25 percent Polish, but was raised a full-blooded, pasta-loving Italian girl. Being raised between the houses of my grandparents and cousins did just that. In turn, I also love to travel. In the last three years I have traveled to Europe three times to visit family and friends, but also to explore culture and absorb life outside of my comfort zone.

Another part of what makes me who I am is my photography. I realized the depth of my emotional being behind the camera. Whether I was capturing emotion in a human being’s eyes or shooting a surreal nighttime sky in the mountains of Italy, I felt an exhilarating and uncontrollable sensation. This sensation was the reproduction of life I had created through a camera lens. Photography was one of my first passions in life, but it wasn’t until the age of 18 that I found myself totally immersed in the world of fashion, which I soon signed as my major.

Fashion does not necessarily mean one must be trendy. Style is one component that I believe TV and magazines cannot teach you. One must wear a garment for happiness, comfort and confidence. With that, I do not have one specific style. Every day I wake up with a different mindset and that is displayed through my outfit. One day I wake up feeling totally Posh Spice and the next I wake up feeling like I’m casting for That ‘70s Show. Style is who you are put into a physical form, not always what society wants you to be.

We are a world of people. We are the world of people who are all so different in our physical essence and we display who we are and what we feel through our dress. This is the primary reason I am so excited to be a Style Guru. I want to show the world the various styles and creativity shown through dress. Clothing and culture have a heavy dominance on our world that most people are not aware of. Welcome to my page and I hope these styles empower and impact your own style.