STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor White

Hello, cuties! My name is Taylor White and I am so excited to be returning as a Style Guru for the summer! Although this is my second semester interning as a Style Guru, I just finished my third year at San Francisco State University and am majoring in apparel design and merchandising with an emphasis in fashion merchandising. As I will be spending my summer in San Francisco, my goal is to try every over priced coffee shop in the city that’s worthy of my Instagram aesthetic, as well as finding Uncle Jesse at the Full House home. All previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

Although I’ve always been interested in fashion, it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I actually thought I would actually be able to make a career in the fashion industry. Previous to this revelation, my wardrobe mainly consisted of neon Tripp skinny jeans, dirty Converse and the twenty something Paramore shirts that once filled an entire drawer in my dresser (Hayley Williams and Taylor York, I love you forever). To break it down in simpler terms, I was essentially a poster child for Hot Topic. Needless to say, I think I’ve come a long way in my fashion endeavors.

Today, I still like to think that my style is somewhat eclectic. Although most of my outfits lean toward an edgier side, I love mixing prints and styles and trying out different trends. In this outfit, I am sporting one of my favorite graphic T-shirts tied up with a floral lace pencil skirt, my go-to leather jacket and an oversized pair of sunglasses. Through the years, I’ve come to find that style is incredibly personal, and can reveal so much about a person. As fashion serves as my creative outlet and healthy source of personal expression, I look forward to constantly evolving my own personal style.

Cheers to a stylish summer!