STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Valentino

Well hello my fellow Fashionistas/os! First of all, thank you for wanting to learn more about me. I love meeting new and interesting people every day. When I meet new people, I always like to start off by saying one fun fact about myself. This way people can remember me.So, without further ado, my name is Taylor Valentino (like the designer) and I am currently studying marketing at SUNY Brockport in Western, New York. My fun fact is that I can fit my whole fist in my mouth. I know, so attractive right? But it seems to work pretty well seeing as how all my professors seem to remember me, which is always a plus.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Western, New York area, SUNY Brockport is located in the small town of Brockport, NY. The campus is very beautiful and holds about 6,000 students and about 8,000 squirrels. It’s kind of scary to think that the squirrels outnumber the students on campus if you ask me!

At Brockport I am very involved, specifically being a part of Greek and residential life. I am in a sorority called Delta Phi Epsilon, where I am the vice president of finance—who knew trying to get 60 girls to pay money on time would be like pulling teeth! Not only am I a sorority girl, but I’m also a resident assistant, where I am basically the mom of the hall, just without the soccer mom van!

Where a person is really dictates ones fashion style, and being from the cold capital of New York, I like to describe my style as preppy-chic with a comfort factor to it. I love pieces that have detail in them and I always love to be comfortable especially being in college with long days and even longer nights. With it being summer, I hope you’re all having a stellar summer and I will leave you with my favorite advice to give: be bold, be strong and be powerful. You are your own sun, so dress like you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.