STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Transtrum

Why hello there, beautiful! My name is Taylor Transtrum and I’m a sophomore at Arizona State University. I’m currently pursuing a Journalism major with an emphasis in fashion journalism, so working as a College Fashionista Style Guru is a dream come true for me!

I’ve been completely enamored by fashion and the fashion industry since childhood and have always dreamed of pursuing a job in fashion. I can remember designing sketchbooks full of princess gowns when I was in the third grade and even drawing up my own high fashion magazines with mock articles on up-and-coming (fictional) haute couture designers. I’ve been doing photography since my freshman year of high school and have been blogging for almost a year now at taybaysquared. Because of this, I’m thrilled to combine my passion for photography, fashion and writing into my Style Guru internship.

Growing up in a small suburban town in Idaho, my passion for fashion often made me feel out of place. However, once I learned how to utilize my passion as a means for artistic and self-expression, I realized just how powerful fashion can be. Fashion has been an integral part of my life by giving me the power to be more confident as well as a voice to express my individuality. There are so many different aspects of the fashion industry that I find inspiring and my goal throughout the years is to learn more about the multifaceted fashion industry. Although there are a lot of different career fields in the fashion industry that interest me, I know that whatever path I pursue, my main mission is to empower others and share what fashion has given to me: a voice.

The look that I chose represents how my style has evolved this year at ASU. My style mainly contains an eclectic mix of thrift-store finds and is also influenced by Taylor Swift and Haim. My outfit is entirely thrifted and features one of my favorite outfit pairings: overalls and a classic white button-down. To top this outfit off, I added my favorite necklace and a black Panama hat.

Since pursuing a higher education at ASU, I find myself constantly being inspired by my innovative and fashionable peers. I am absolutely thrilled to share this inspiration with you. Look out for my posts every Thursday!