STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Silva

Hey, Style Gurus! My name is Taylor Silva and I am super excited and pumped for this summer internship as a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista! I’m twenty-years-old and live in California, but I am moving to the East Coast (Pennsylvania). My boyfriend and I are moving at the end of July; he will be attending law school and I will be transferring community colleges to Harrisburg Community College as a Communications major.

Anyway, I am so excited to venture into the world of fashion and see my fellow Style Gurus pursue their passions for fashion, as well as my own. I would declare my style as relaxed-city-chic. I’m that person who would rather wear yoga pants than a skirt, while still wanting to look halfway decent (Lets face it, we all have those yoga pant days)! I’ve always been interested in fashion and all the different aspects that it holds. I love shopping for clothes, piecing outfits together and seeing the latest trends throughout the stores.

I’ve chosen my major to be Communications being as there are so many areas I could go into, whether it be in PR or even working for a certain company for social media work. I can’t wait to begin a career in one of those fields, but for now I’m a barista at Starbucks—winning. On a lighter note, I can’t wait to meet new Style Gurus and share our style with one another. I’m excited to see everyone’s personal style and sharing my own personal style with everyone as well!