STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Kearney

Hi, my name is Taylor Kearney. I am a junior at Santa Monica College and I love fashion and everything that has to do with it. I am an aspiring actress as well as a child development major. I love to read and blog about all types of fashion icons as well as books.

I would rather spend my day out and about taking in the people of California than laying around at home. Since I am an only child, I spend a lot of time out with friends enjoying the many cultures my city has to offer me. I am a very creative person so I always find cool things to do with my time that I have when I am not at school or studying for my classes. I usually come up with fun crafts to do at home when I do have that spare time which sometimes happens often.

I love having fun and I am also a very adventurous person who is always looking for fun outings to go on. Even when I can not hang with my friends I usually have my mom to tag along with me to events that I feel are interesting.

I love going to thrift shops and finding new clothes to wear. Due to me being a very multicultural person when it comes to my style, I always end up picking the weirdest things when shopping but it always comes out perfectly every time, which I love with a passion.