STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Camacho

Hello fellow Fashionista/o’s ! My name is Taylor Camacho and I am so thrilled to be writing to you as a first time Style Guru from the University of Kentucky! My fashion craze started at 10 when I received my first fashion sketch book (waxy paper, colored pencils, and plastic portfolio included) and I fell in love with the idea of being able to curate my own looks and design pieces that I love. Since then I have taken that passion for curating personal style and design, and I channeled it in to school as a merchandising, apparel, and textiles major. I can’t wait to spend my last semester sharing all of the amazing street style and fashion tips your stylish little hearts desire!

As a senior I have gone through three and a half years of fashion and style phases, trying to find what is “me” and what I absolutely love. Well, I love movies and books and can’t make it through a day without coffee (one cream, one sugar) and a piece of chocolate. I thoroughly enjoy working out and love losing myself in some great music while I’m on a long run. With all of this in mind I was able to curate my style. I’ve brought those personal aspects in to my looks with laid-back every day clothes such as jeans, a T-shirt, and booties and more bohemian-chic looks for occasions and events. Nothing excites me more than getting to pick out an outfit now that I’ve stamped my personal style on my closet!

Even when going to class or running errands I try to show my style and not opt for the easy way out (aka yoga pants and an over-sized sweatshirt). My outfit above is something I would wear out and about for a day full of activities! The comfy ripped jeans are a perfect way to make your outfit look more put together versus the alternative, leggings. I threw on a flowy blouse like this one from H&M and then topped it off with a duster cardigan as a perfect piece to add length and warmth to this outfit! I finished my look with a pair of neutral colored suede booties that I adore and wear with almost everything. Voila! I have a laid-back look that shows style without compromising comfort!

While my last semester of college looks to be a busy one, I’m excited to know it will also be a stylish one with CollegeFashionista.  As my favorite quote says, “style is much more interesting than fashion really.” I can’t wait to share the interesting and inspiring personal style at the University of Kentucky with you all!