STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Bethanis

Greetings! I couldn’t be more excited to start this summer as a Style Guru. I can’t wait to share my fashion charisma while inspiring many people.

I am heading into my junior year at the beautiful Quinnipiac University. My campus is surrounded by a mountain landscape, attracting people from all around the world. Just like the Sleeping Giant (the name of the mountain) students and faculty change their look according to the season. Whether it be summer, fall or winter, I am constantly admiring the different ways people dress to express who they are. My breathtaking campus motivates and inspires me to always keep up with the latest trends. The Sleeping Giant is always picture-perfect, along with the people who are fortunate enough to live by it.

Ever since I can remember, my artistic personality was the strongest trait I could use to describe myself. Drawings and paintings covered my bedroom walls since I was a little girl. As I grew older, I used beauty and fashion to express my creative personality. I love being able to find a new trend and to put my own twist on it. I try to put a little bit of myself into everything I do.

After I graduate from Quinnipiac University, I hope to work at a corporate company relating to fashion and beauty. I am an extremely open minded and adventurous person; therefore traveling the world for my job would be a dream come true. Learning the aesthetics of different cultures fascinates me. Within this corporate company, I aspire to work in the fields of branding and advertising. Seeing a commercial on the television or a billboard up in a major city that I helped create is something that motivates me every day. I want people to be inspired and learn that expressing originality is what makes us all so special.

My dream of working at a corporate Sephora, Ulta or Nordstrom are years away but it is never too soon to start planning. Being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista is another step in the direction of my dream. Using social media to advertise brands that I love is something that I have always been very interested in. I am excited to finally put my photography skills to use for eyes other than my own. I will continue to be emboldened by nature and the people around my in order to inspire people and express myself.

I hope to have a summer filled with creativity and fashion that will galvanize individuals into a state of appreciating all things beautiful.