STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Ann D'Agostino

May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! I am Taylor Ann and I am beyond excited to share my fashion findings this summer by being a Style Guru! With a strong passion for photography and fashion, being a Style Guru is the ideal way to spend my summer.  I just finished my sophomore year at Sacred Heart University where I study Marketing. I divide my time up between being a member of the Fashion and Marketing Club, a sprinter on the SHU DI Track and Field team and taking photos.

After completing an advertising project in my first marketing course back in high school, I realized my dream was to become a creative or art director for a fashion magazine. Every month, I count on reading through the glossy pages of Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue. My friends say I have a problem when it comes to fashion magazines; they call it “hoarding,” but I simply call it a substantial source of fashion resources! My interest in fashion started like most young girls; dressing up my Bratz dollzs, playing dress up, pretending to walk in a runway show, sewing dresses for my American Girl Doll and treating my first designer handbag like it was a new born baby. Starting in elementary school I would say that the hallways were my runway. I cannot forget to mention America’s Next Top Model’s creative director, Jay Manuel, who directed magazine photoshoots with Tyra Banks and sparked my interest as well.

When it comes to photography, I love to take boring things and photograph them in a way that makes it interesting. I believe fashion plays the same role. When separate, a shirt, an accessory and a pair of jeans are boring, but when put together, they can create something inspirational. A jacket can add flare to that boring black T-shirt you have in the back of your closet or that colorful Vera Bradley bag can actually bring out the blue in those sandals you forgot you bought; taking something insignificant and turning it into something interesting is what creates personal style. My personal style ranges from girly, edgy, to athletic. I am obsessed with combat boots and printed scarfs in the winter time but I would also die for a pair of pink Nikes that match a pair of running leggings. The best part of fashion is that everyone has their own style. Whether it has been the same for years or changes between seasons, I am beyond excited to capture all of it this summer! Be sure to read my articles every Friday!