Hi there! My name is Tanya, and I am studying life science at the always fashionable Kent State University.

If I am not at school, you will find me at a mall. I have no shame in admitting my loyalty to department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom either. What is more practical than all your favorite brands in one place? Nevertheless, J.Crew, Ann Taylor and Marshalls have remained favorites for years. And, of course, I am always dreaming of Chanel and Hermès.

My daily style varies from dark solids to bold, colorful prints. I live and breathe for well-tailored jackets, raw silk and my collection of long sleeve black dresses. Right now, I can’t say no to floral prints and shirts with sassy phrases sprawled across them.

A lot of my personal style has stemmed from my mom’s style. I’ve noticed that our tastes have become more similar as I have gotten older. She definitely influenced my appreciation of good fabric and well constructed items. I love looking for anything, from scarves to purses, in her closet. For this outfit, I borrowed an intricate diamond necklace that helps tie up the busy floral print of the dress and a colorful bunch of J.Crew bracelets. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this neon Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag when I was in Chicago a for a pre-med student conference. Without a doubt, it was the “highlight” of the trip. To finish the look, I paired platform ankle wedge booties with scrunched cashmere blend knee socks for a warmer, more casual vibe.

This semester is going to go by fast, and I’m looking forward to sharing a different side of Kent’s campus with CollegeFashionista.