STYLE GURU BIO: Tanner Johnson

Moving from a small town in Arkansas to New York City for school, I inevitably have picked up on trends central to life in a bigger city while also holding on to southern styles that, over time, made their ways into my closet. I love all things comfortable—primarily sweats, as I will guiltily admit; however, after mustering the energy to pick something out, I prefer the “dressy casual” approach for most events and gatherings. When picking out an outfit, not only do I consider where I am headed, but I also decide what is going to make me feel best when I arrive there. In this case, I have been welcomed home by family, friends and 75 degree weather, forcing me to leave my coats and scarves in my undersized dormitory closet.

As an advocate for all things form fitting, the hypocrisy is not lost upon me that my love for oversized button-down shirts has collaborated with skinny jeans. Both these jeans and boots are pieces I have grown to love since transitioning to the city’s style. The unbuttoned oxford accompanied by a white T-shirt, on the other hand, is a style that has been my go-to on days of crisis since the very beginning. I also found that accessories are not only important, but essential. While everyone has their own preference on how to “spruce up” that last outfit available before laundry day, a watch and a pair of sunglasses are two things I do not leave the dorm without. Speaking of watches, I personally love vintage items, specifically my Rolex that was passed down to me, but in the spirit of a college budget, you can find a similar looking watch here.

Aside from the outfit above, plaid and stripes have always been good to me (never together, of course) and many of my button-down shirts consist of a similar pattern. I work on a pretty busy schedule between classes and interning at The Dr. Oz Show, fitting times in for running, finishing up assignments and taking naps. My mission is to construct outfits that properly represent the different aspects of a college life; working on a tight schedule, keeping those who wear them comfortable and keeping everyone looking their best whether hitting the office, the gym, the lecture hall or the pillow. I’m looking forward to this semester of further navigating college life and New York City and of reminding myself that the jeans are always worth it in the long run.