STYLE GURU BIO: Taisya Montes

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Taisya Montes, and I am an undergrad at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I am going into my junior year as a marketing and English major. Growing up I loved art, give me a piece of paper and a writing utensil and I’m out of sight, out of mind, in my own world. It didn’t take long for my love for art to transfer into my love for makeup and fashion. I found a new way I was able to express myself, and this time not on paper. When I look at a piece of clothing I see it on a canvas and my mind goes wild. I immediately see all of the pieces I can pair it with, different colors that would accent it and textures that would pull the outfit together.

I like to put all of my focus on my outfit and then spice the look up with a couple of dainty accessories. I’d say my style is very laid-back but with an edgy twist. I like having basics like bodysuits, oversized T-shirts and high-waisted pants, while adding the right accessories and staples to make the outfit pop. Here, I am wearing a turtleneck tank top from Free People paired with black lace trimmed shorts from Forever 21. I went with some black booties and a black fringe bag to add some edge to the outfit and my favorite Quay sunglasses for some color.

When I’m not shopping for the next best pieces you can find me outdoors. Aside from my passion for fashion I am an explorer at heart. I love hiking, especially tricky trails. I mean who doesn’t like getting a little messy? There are two things I will never turn down, a shopping spree and an outdoor adventure. After all the world is our canvas and I never want to put my paint brush down.

This summer, I am looking forward to putting together some picture worthy outfits and sharing them with you!