STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Sweeney

Hey, everyone! And when I say everyone, I’m really just referring to my mother, since she’s the only one who actually reads my stuff. Nevertheless, I shall introduce myself as if I’m talking to a foreign audience—one that enjoys plenty of lousy jokes.

My name’s Sydney, and I’m a journalism and public relations major hailing from Southern California. While I was raised in an large suburb slightly east of Los Angeles, I currently reside in the heart of San Diego, where I’m diligently studying (that’s right, Mom) at SDSU. I’ve always been involved in a love triangle with creative writing and fashion, so I’m thrilled to contribute to the CollegeFashionista community for a third semester. When I’m not ranting to my friends about bands, books or my journey to find the perfect leather motorcycle jacket, I’m probably just chilling on my bed, lusting after every ’80s and ’90s trend I come across on my Tumblr dashboard. I’m almost too fond of jean jackets, leather loafers and probably anything your 47-year-old mom wore during her college years. Of course, I adore a lot the new trends that gain popularity in today’s fashion-sphere, so I mix these new styles with older, vintage pieces to create my most noteworthy ensembles.

Last year was pretty #RAD, but I think 2016 will be an unforgettable. Something’s telling me that I’m going to be showcasing some pretty awesome Fashionistas/os, so be sure to keep up with my latest articles right here! Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Instagram and Twitter to get a insider’s look at plenty of behind-the-scenes content provided by your favorite Style Guru.