STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Sturm

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hey there, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Sydney and I just finished my freshman year at the University of Minnesota. I’m not completely set on anything yet, but I’m thinking about majoring in Marketing and International Business with a possible minor in Retail Merchandising (we’ll see if that changes in a year). My dream is to someday be working in fashion, so that’s why I’m here!

I’ve always loved all things fashion and beauty related, ever since I started playing dress up and having my mom paint my nails as a little girl. Today, I still play dress up in the dressing rooms of stores and shopping is one of my favorite activities. I love seeing new pieces and envisioning things that I can pair them with from my own closet.

My favorite items to shop for are definitely shoes. The go-to pair from my closet are my black combat boots; I couldn’t live without them. I also love other ankle booties because you can wear them with anything, from skinny jeans or leggings to skirts and dresses. A few of my other style staples include skater skirts, graphic T-shirts and anything that’s military green. As of lately I’ve been trying out some hats like the one pictured above and I’m excited to try to add some different ones to my summer wardrobe!

If I had to describe my style in one word, well, I don’t think I would be able to. Some days I feel super girly and I’ll wear a floral dress or lacy top. Other times I’ll try something a bit edgier, like super-distressed jeans or an oversized flannel. And a lot of times, I like to play with putting these two styles together. Many of my favorite looks have come from combining things that you wouldn’t think of pairing together at first. I like to experiment. My style is always changing and I enjoy mixing things up, depending on the day and occasion.

Since my style is ever-changing, I’m always looking for new ideas and trends. I get a lot of my inspiration from magazines and celebrities—Blake Lively and Emma Watson are just two of my favorites—along with YouTube videos, Instagram and even people I see on the street. That’s why I’m so excited to be a Style Guru for this summer. I can’t wait to see what styles I find on campus and I can’t wait to be able to capture these styles and share them with all of you!